Testimonials from Former Clients

The process of working with Rachael has been life altering in countless ways, one of which is the healing I experienced through our therapeutic relationship. Our sessions were filled with deep trust, unconditional acceptance, genuine respect, and sincere compassion. Her ability to intensely listen, absorb and process material with me allowed me to feel truly heard and understood. She is extraordinarily intuitive and gifted with her words and questions. Over the course of working together, I watched my self-concept change; I began to accept my own worth, and feel compassion towards myself.

Working with Rachael has been an honor. My life and the lives of others around me have changed in beautiful ways, and I daily experience joys of healing, love, and profoundly renewed hope.
— Female, Early-30's, Graduate Student and Mother
Rachael is one of the most compassionate and nonjudgmental people I’ve met. I enjoy her sense of humor and her presence, I value her empathy, and I depend on her wisdom and intuition. I feel our time together is one of the most spiritual and grounded moments of my week.

Therapy with Rachael has changed my life for the better. Being in her consistently nonjudgmental, protective, caring presence has let the frantic part of me relax and believe again that I can be safe and trust another person. She has given me permission to laugh at myself in the best way possible, and to let go of performing for the sake of presence. I am coming to terms with the messy process of truly living. As the old breaks away and the light of the new peeks through, though, I feel deep gratitude to Rachael for leading me and to myself for walking alongside her in this process.
— Female, 30, Mother
I came into therapy because I needed a space to work through a major vocational transition. Rachael helped me to look deeply at the pieces of my story in play and resourced me with tools for understanding and clarifying my feelings about leaving or staying. She was supportive, insightful, challenging, and willing to be challenged. The work became as much about who I was through the transition as it did about which pathway was best. So the work we did continues to be relevant beyond the transition.
— Male, Mid-30's, Religious Worker
During the time that I spent with Rachael I learned a lot about myself. I came to understand that creating boundaries was a way of showing love and I was able to do this without feeling guilty. I learned to let go of the expectations that I had put on my mom and accept the relationship for what it was. My experience with Rachael changed my life. I am forever thankful that God allowed our paths to cross.
— Female, Mid-30's, Medical Professional
I started working with Rachael in the summer of 2013 when I had been feeling “off” for a while. I was burnt out from work, stress, relationships and I was tired of not feeling like myself. And my husband was at a loss too; he wanted to help but wasn’t sure what to do. Everything overwhelmed me. When I first met Rachael, I didn’t know how to articulate what was wrong, I just knew that I was exhausted. Over the next several months, we worked together to understand what was behind this feeling so that I could move forward and feel like myself again. During the year we met, Rachael was patient, listened, encouraged me to practice new skills, held me accountable, and celebrated every step forward. I slowly began to understand my feelings, confront them, know there were legitimate reasons for these feelings, and learned new tools to be myself again. My family and I are incredibly grateful for Rachael. When I compare the summer of 2013 to the summer 2014, I just can’t help but thank God for introducing me to Rachael. My life will forever be more peaceful because of the counseling I had.
— Female, Mid-30's, Tech Industry
The entire process was one of the most valuable experiences I’ve had in the last five years. Learning more about myself, the world around me and the relationships I encounter everyday helped guide me through my season of grief and guided me even further as I entered a time of learning and growth. I am forever grateful for being connect to Rachael. Her patience and welcoming smile not only always made me feel comfortable and safe but her intelligence and spirit made me feel deeply understood. Words can’t accurately express my gratitude for Rachael and the work we did together. I see myself more clearly. And now I am able to use the tools and the language, developed with Rachael, to navigate my own emotional health to live a much more whole and balanced life.
— Female, Late-20's, Apparel Industry